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If you have an Axolotl that you cannot look after or do not want it any longer I can adopt it for you and give it a good loving home.

Drop me an email with information about them along with some images and we can arrange for them to get to me.

Despite my main policy of only being Axolotls I do occasionally take in other animals if I have the room or facilities to look after them. It is easier and quicker to do a rescue if the animal comes with its home, for example an Axolotl that comes with a tank and Beared Dragon Reptile that has a vivarium.
Currently I am only able to take Turtles in if they come with their tank, lights and UVB bulbs

If in doubt or have any questions please email me

Here is a list of Rescues and Adoptions I have done:-

March 2015 - 3x Juvenile Axolotls (rehomed in December 2015)
April 2015 - 1x Male Axolotl (rehomed in August 2015)
June 2015 - Male Cumberland Turtle (rehomed in August 2015)
July 2015 - Female Red Eared Slider Turtle (rehomed in September 2015)
August 2015 - 2x Male Axolotls (kept by myself for future breeding)
Feburary 2016 - 1x Female Axolotl (rehomed May 2016)
June 2016 - 2x Male Beared Dragons (kept by myself as a pet)
September 2016 - Female Musk Turtle (rehomed November 2016)
October 2016 - 2x Axolotls (Rehomed in January 2017)
January 2017 - 2 x Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle (Available for adoption)

Once an animal is rescued or adopted by myself it is kept in isolation for 2 weeks to monitor its health and if everything is fine then depending on what it is, it is then put into the general population and mix with others of its own kind. After this it is kept by myself and monitored for a minimum of 2 months before it is then rehomed.
A small rehoming fee is asked for this goes towards food and maintenance of the other rescues/adoptions I have.

In the meantime if you would like to donate something towards food for the currennt maintenance please click the donate button at top of this page.

Any animal that is suitable to be rehomed by myself will be posted on this page.
Adoption and Rescue Service
Remember Axolots are NOT fish so do not treat them like one
Is it a Fish? NO,   Is it a Reptile? NO,   Is it a Tadpole? NO......What is it?, It's an Axolotl
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